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Live Shows and Events are high impact and interactive, ideal for drawing in the crowds and creating high levels of retention in your audience whether they're members of the press or the public. Impact have assembled a team of talented, passionate and caring people; all working together to ensure that our clients get maximum return on their experiential events.

Location: Huyton Village & Kirkby Merseyside

Case Study: Impact provided a team of mature PR staff to promote the Older People's Olympics which is an annual event in Knowsley. Our team visited bingo halls, markets and shopping centres in key areas of Knowsley playing simple sporting activities, engaging the target audience and talking about the importance of keeping active and socialising within the community. Impact's team distributed leaflets with details of local training sessions and used their expertise to engage with members of the public and local residents getting them involved in fun activities.

  • Jogging
  • Stretching
  • Star jumps
  • Football
  • Badminton

Testimonial: Knowsley Olympics

Hi Rachel,
Joe and Cheryl really took this project on board and used their own expertise and knowledge of working with people to make this activity work. They were great at sparking up a conversation with local people and delivering the key messages with enthusiasm and passion over and over again. The client was particularly impressed with Joe thanks to his cheeky personality and ability to engage with local people.
Overall, I was delighted with how the activity panned out and that was down to Joe and Cheryl’s hard work over the two days. They worked extremely hard over the two days and spoke to thousands of people in our target demographic.

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