Spooky World @ Apple Jacks Farm Scary!!!


Many promotional activities require something more than energy, enthusiasm and charisma. Sometimes our brief is to raise the profi­le of the activity by having performers act out a role, perhaps engaging directly with the public, and this is where our performers step up. We have an abundance of experienced actors on our database, fully trained, ready and willing to launch themselves into whatever role is required to represent your brand, product or company.

Case study: Spooky World @ Apple Jacks Farm

Impact were asked to supply actors for Spooky World for their month long Halloween campaign. This really was one of the funniest and best jobs our actors have had as their main aim was to scare!! Impact actors worked in all 4 attractions, Quarantine, The Disturbed, The Haunted Hayride and The Field of Screams. The team provided their own costumes and worked really, really hard to be as gruesome, scary and terrifying as possible!! The team prepared their own scripts and interacted directly with the guests making a truly scary memorable experience for the guests and YES loving every minute of developing their scare tactics in the process!!

Results: 20% increase on footfall through the theme park compared to the previous year.

Testimonial: Spooky World @ Apple Jacks Farm

Throughout the month long opening of Spooky World The Impact team really did bring the experience alive for our customers and scared them no end.…..great scaring guys !! Spooky World

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