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What is a PR stunt?
Well, the dictionary defines it as 'something unusual done to attract attention' and we have been pulling these off for many years now.

We are really proud of our working relationships with many PR agencies. Hand-in-hand we create some pretty amazing PR activities utilising our outstanding 'Brand Warriors' alongside our team of expert production staff. Whether it's body painting 10 guys as jockeys with " Cheshire Oaks" logos on our models chests or having a team of gorgeous girls driving around in VW convertible Beetles, we will do everything to ensure maximum awareness and optimum media coverage.

Location: Aintree Ladies Day

Case Study: Cheshire Oaks wanted to draw attention to all the arriving flocks of people at Ladies Day at the Grand National and what better way than to have 10 hunks body painted with "Cheshire Oaks" logo across their chests! We certainly created an Impact and gained lots of press attention for Cheshire Oaks.

Testimonial: Aintree PR stunt

The whole stunt was a success and the client was very happy.
Thanks again for the guys they were very professional and did a fantastic job.
Kind Regards

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